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Our main product, RCampus Education Management System, is a suite of unique, web-based instant-access solutions with a community-based learning environment for schools, faculty, and students. RCampus tools are available instantly at www.RCampus.com.

RCampus tools are available for a number of flexible and predictable licensing and hosting plans.


RCampus & iRubric  
Learning Management System  
  Comprehensive, secure, cost-effective, and scalable course management system with a sophisticated and easy to use set of tools for communications, grading, coursework/assignment delivery and collection, content and document management, time management, roster management, and other auxiliary tools to enhance the learning environment for both students and faculty.  
iRubric Assessment System  
Campus eCommunities and Websites  
  Various academic eCommunity and website building options for clubs, faculty groups, study groups, eClassrooms, tutor rooms, offices, departments, as well as personal faculty and student site and eCommunity builders.  
Student ePortfolios  
  Allows students to instantly create multiple secure ePortfolios for different purposes such as for academic and for career. Use ePortfolios to self-publish academic work and research, communicate with other campus communities, and track/monitor academic progress and coursework.  
Tutor Connection  
  Provides tutors the needed tools to promote their services. Also helps students find tutors in their local area using a powerful search tool. Tutors can build online tutor rooms to effectively communicate with students, discuss topics, and share documents.   
Class Finder and Term-Planner
  Powerful class search tool helps students find the right classes easily. A variety of search options including search by day, time, date range, class delivery method (e.g. online, hybrid, etc.) in combination with the term planner allows students to build up to four different term plans. Class finder can also be integrated into a school website to replace the online schedule.  
Internship Management System
  Allows schools to manage internship and job postings. Schools as well as employers can post internship positions, link a position to specific programs, classes, and disciplines, or teach internship courses. Students can easily find job availabilities that closely match their educational or professional backgrounds.   
Book Exchange  
  An online book exchange marketplace which allows students to post used books for sale, find books, compare prices of online vendors, and print flyers. Many schools have adopted and sponsored various forms of online and offline book exchange programs.

Join us in this worthy cause of helping students' success by providing them the much needed book exchange service.  To adopt a book exchange program for your school, please contact us. We offer various adoption options.

Message Center  
  Secure and feature-rich message center allows forum-style and email-style views of discussions among classes, clubs, groups, and other academic eCommunities as well as one-to-one and item-specific messages about books, assignments, and grades. Users can easily change settings to receive a real-time copy of messages via email, track message threads, and/or send messages to multiple groups.  
Tag Boards  
  Instant tag boards for group communications, announcements, role play scenarios, etc. Tag boards have different access settings from public to members only to site owner only.