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Cloud and On-Premise Hosting

We offer a number of services for our our flagship solutions, RCampus and iRubric, from consultation, to content development, to full management.  Our solutions are SaaS (Software as a Service) by nature, however, we also provide onsite and offsite hosting solutions for our applications, as well as for systems that work closely with ours.  

Software Development Services

From Concept to Result

Reazon specializes in software architecture and development of medium to large scale systems. Our software is guaranteed to be the most robust, scalable, and maintainable in its class as we perform a comprehensive analysis and design and a thorough quality assurance on all our development efforts.  

Our services include management and upkeep of the systems current and managed to ensure you'll have a peace of mind with uninterrupted operation: 

Stable and reliable integration with speedy implementation  

Flexible licensing and hosting plans  

Upgrades, backups, maintenance, fixes and recovery  

Friendly and responsive customer supports  

Training by knowledgeable industry experts

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