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Our main product, RCampus Education Management System, is a suite of unique, web-based, instant-access solutions with a community-based learning environment for schools, faculty, and students.


RCampus is available instantly at:

Course and Learning Management System Comprehensive, secure, cost-effective, and scalable course management system with a sophisticated and easy-to-use set of tools for: communication, grading, coursework/assignment delivery and collection, content and document management, time management, roster management, and other auxiliary tools that enhance the learning environment for both students and faculty. learn more

iRubric Assessment System A comprehensive, rubric builder and assessment system for enhanced and streamlined, standards-based assessments for evaluation of student learning outcomes. learn more

Campus eCommunities and Websites Various academic eCommunity and website building options for clubs, faculty groups, study groups, eClassrooms, tutor rooms, offices, departments, as well as personal faculty and student sites, and eCommunity builders. learn more

Student ePortfolios Allows students to instantly create multiple secure ePortfolios for different purposes, such as for academic and for career. Use ePortfolios to self-publish academic work and research, communicate with other campus communities, and track/monitor academic progress and coursework. learn more

Guided Learning and Assessment Matrices Using our Matrices, educators and administrators are able to easily build dynamic structures to review students’ artifacts, reflections and assessments and to visually monitor their progress. Vast amounts of student work and assessment data are automatically aggregated in a multi-layer matrix to provide administrators with efficient access to summary and detailed data over courses, departments and programs. RCampus Matrices facilitate organization and collection of institutional learning outcomes to meet accreditation needs.  learn more

Outcomes and Standards Management The entire process of creation, submission and evaluation of evidence of learning in RCampus ePortfolios, RCampus Matrices and RCampus LMS is easily and efficiently completed within a single system that is tightly aligned with standards, objectives and outcomes. RCampus Outcomes and Standards allows managing all levels of standards from national and state, to accreditation, to institutional, and down to course-level standadards and learning outcomes. learn more


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