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About Reazon
About Reazon


Reazon is a forward-thinking, software research and development company specialized in turning complex and time-consuming educational and business processes into robust and user-friendly experiences.


Organizations can take comfort in knowing that our innovative products are reliable and scalable with proven-longevity resulting in significant overall cost savings. An achievement only an experienced company with a strong vision and commitment to excellence can deliver.


Our Solutions

Our Solutions


Reazon's full range of solutions can help you achieve your instructional and organizational needs.

RCampus Education Management System:

Built by practicing faculty, RCampus EMS is a suite of unique, web-based, instant access tools with an integrated community-based learning environment. RCampus EMS can be adopted whole, as a turn-key system for smaller institutions, or compartmentally, to compliment larger institutions' existing systems.

Learning Management System:

A user-centric, secure and scalable eLearning system with sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools for users of any level.

iRubric Assessment System:

A comprehensive rubric builder and assessment system that enables unbiased and streamlined evaluation and analysis.

ePortfolio Management System:

A flexible, self-publishing and content archiving system customizable for different purposes.


Guided Learning and Outcomes Matrix System:

A system that enables vast amounts of student work and assessment data to be automatically aggregated in a multi-layer matrix to provide administrators with efficient access to summary and detailed data over courses, departments and programs. RCampus Matrices facilitate organization and collection of institutional learning outcomes to meet accreditation needs.


Standards & Outcomes Management System:

Enables managing of all levels of standards from national and state, to accreditation, to institutional, and down to course-level standards and learning outcomes.


eCommunity Portals and Websites:

Instant eCommunities and website builder with many built-in features for an easy-to-update online presence.





RCampus offers a comprehensive learning, ePortfolios and assessment management system to organizations and individuals.  For more information, visit

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iRubric for Sakai

iRubric for Sakai


Build Rubrics, Assess, Share, Analyze.


Reazon Receives


TechAmerica High-Tech Innovation Award


Reazon receives TechAmerica High-Tech Innovation Award

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